Louisburgh National School, Co. Mayo | Department of Education

We’re thrilled to spotlight our project at Louisburgh National School in County Mayo – a shining example from our suite of 21 innovative Modular Classrooms crafted by the experts at JDC Building Works, in partnership with the Department of Education and Skills, Ireland.

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Our adherence to the robust Modular Framework guarantees a streamlined process, prioritising minimal disruption and flawless installation, ensuring the school’s rhythm remains uninterrupted.

This Framework is adapted for:

Superior Energy Efficiency

Designed for a greener future, reducing carbon footprint while enhancing learning environments.

Unmatched Durability

Engineered to endure, our classrooms stand resilient through the tests of time and elements.

Adaptive Flexibility

Spaces evolve as needs grow, embodying the dynamic spirit of modern education.

Accelerated Construction

From concept to completion, efficiency without sacrificing quality.


Smart designs that translate into long-term savings.

The Result:

Thoughtful design and construction can transform Educational Spaces

Are you ready to elevate the educational experience with a custom modular space that caters to the needs of all learners? Reach out to JDC Building Works, where we turn visionary educational concepts into reality.

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