Modular Builds

We provide a comprehensive turnkey solution for permanent structures of the highest quality that are delivered with less disturbance, less negative environmental effect, and better assurance of completion on time and on budget.

Why Choose JDC's Modular Builds?

JDC Building Works endeavour to maintain an effective quality management system for all company activities. JDC management ensure that all employees and alliance partners are aware of this commitment and are suitably educated and trained to carry out these projects successfully and to an exceptional standard. It is the committed policy of the organisation to achieve this objective by development and continual improvement of its operations through an integral management system that will comply with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001, Industry Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice, and relevant product standards.

The advantages of opting for a modular build are countless. The prefabrication off-site enables:

Some Key Factors

Cost Effective

A shorter construction period and various payment choices are provided. You won't have to worry about paying an architect on top of the cost of the project because the design service is frequently included.

Efficient Construction

Compared to conventional construction techniques, modular building projects can be finished in 35–45% less time.

High Quality

Quality and safety is ensured with JDC. All of our building materials are shielded from moisture and the elements while being constructed on our premises.

Custom Builds

Bespoke design, which means each structure is customised to your needs, is one of the key benefits of building modularly. You can have a modular building created specifically to meet your needs for space and price range.