Sperrinview Special School, Cookstown | Education Authority NI

JDC Building Works is proud to announce the completion of our latest project at Sperrinview Special School in Dungannon, a testament to our dedication to enhancing educational environments for special needs education in the Mid-Ulster area.

Client Collaboration:

Working closely with the Education Authority Northern Ireland (EANI), we have delivered a bespoke 80m2 Special Educational Needs (SEN) accommodation. The floor plan was meticulously designed to cater to the unique requirements of Sperrinview Special School’s students, incorporating specific features that foster both educational and personal growth in a safe and supportive setting.

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Tailored Spaces:

The new facility includes multifunctional rooms, each thoughtfully equipped to support the diverse needs of students. With hoists installed in three different rooms, we’ve ensured that mobility and access are never barriers to learning. These hoists represent our commitment to inclusivity, providing the necessary aid for students to participate fully in the school’s educational offerings.

Room By Room:

SEN Room

This central learning space is equipped with state-of-the-art educational technology and flexible seating arrangements, promoting an interactive and engaging learning experience for all students.

Quiet Room

A serene environment designed for students who benefit from a calm and distraction-free space, ideal for one-on-one instruction or a peaceful retreat.

Bathroom Facility

Fully accessible, featuring adaptive equipment that offers independence and dignity to students with various mobility needs.

Store Area

Efficient storage solutions accommodate the specialised equipment and materials necessary for a wide range of activities and therapies.

In line with our commitment to sustainability and aesthetics, the unit boasts a unique hybrid finish of Cedar Cladding and Kingspan Micro-Rib panelling. This not only enhances the building’s appearance, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings, but also provides additional insulation – ensuring the unit is energy-efficient and maintains a contemporary look.

Building for the Future

At JDC Building Works, we don’t just construct buildings; we create spaces that open up possibilities. The SEN accommodation at Sperrinview Special School is more than just a structure; it’s a step forward in the right direction for special needs education. With innovative designs and a focus on accessibility, we are setting new standards for educational facilities in the region.

Thoughtful design and construction can transform Educational Spaces

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