Newburgh Primary School, Scotland | Fife Council

When Newburgh Primary School in Scotland faced the challenge of expanding their facilities to accommodate a growing number of students, JDC Building Works stepped in with a cutting-edge solution that not only met but exceeded expectations.

JDC Building Works Ltd. were proud to get the opportunity to work with Fife council in order to improve Newburgh Primary School's facilities

The Challenge:

With limited space and a tight timeframe, the school needed a versatile area that could serve as a dining hall, provide kitchen services, and include storage and welfare facilities. The project was complex, involving a multi-functional space that had to be constructed without disrupting the school’s daily operations.

The Solution:

JDC Building Works crafted a tailor-made modular unit spanning 270 square metres.


General Purpose / Dining Hall

Designed to be flexible, this area can be transformed for various school activities, from dining to assemblies, offering a spacious and adaptable environment.

Kitchen Servery

Equipped with modern amenities, the servery streamlines meal preparation and service, ensuring that hundreds of students are catered to efficiently.

Dining and Standard Storage

Ample storage space was integrated, providing the staff with dedicated areas to store equipment and supplies neatly and securely.

Welfare Facilities

Inclusivity and accessibility were key in our design. We included male, female, and accessible washrooms, catering to all students and staff members with ease and dignity.

In line with our commitment to sustainability and aesthetics, the unit boasts a unique hybrid finish of Cedar Cladding and Kingspan Micro-Rib panelling. This not only enhances the building’s appearance, blending seamlessly with the natural surroundings, but also provides additional insulation – ensuring the unit is energy-efficient and maintains a contemporary look.

The Result:

The final result was a multi-use building that serves as the heart of the school, fostering community and enhancing the educational experience. Our modular approach minimised disruption during construction and delivered a high quality, durable space that the school can be proud of.

Thoughtful design and construction can transform Educational Spaces

JDC Building Works is proud to have contributed to the advancement of Newburgh Primary School, demonstrating once again that modular buildings are the future of smart, sustainable construction.

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