2024 – Building Faster, Smarter, Better

Looking forward into 2024, we at JDC Building Works are gearing up for a year where our expertise in modular construction paves the way for industry advancements. With focused innovation, strategic collaboration, and business growth, we’re set to redefine what’s possible in the world of modular construction.


Innovation Driven by Expertise

This year, we’re channelling our decades of experience into developing new modular solutions. Our team is focused on harnessing the latest technologies and materials to create smarter, more efficient buildings.


Strategic Collaborations for a Sustainable Future

We understand the importance of working together for a sustainable future. That’s why we’re partnering with leading experts in sustainability and design to bring you eco-friendly modular options.

Project at Newburgh Primary School utilises a unique hybrid exterior of Kingspan Micro-rib Panel and Cedar Cladding


Business Growth with Community at Heart

As we grow, we’re keeping our commitment to our communities strong. From engaging with local suppliers to prioritising employment in the communities we serve, we’re ensuring that our growth benefits everyone.


Improving Personal Workspaces and Facilities

In 2024, JDC Building Works is committed to enhancing our modular construction facilities through avid investment, encouraging a culture of continuous improvement. We aim to boost productivity and enhance the well-being and creativity of our team.

JDC Delivery Bay, 2023. Due for expansion in 2024


Showcasing Our Innovations and Insights

Follow us here for regular updates on how we’re making 2024 a landmark year in modular construction. We’ll be showcasing our latest projects, sharing insights from our experts, and discussing how our innovations are shaping the future of construction.

Join us on this exciting journey through 2024 and beyond. With JDC Building Works, the future of modular construction is here and now.

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