St Bernadette’s Special School, Letterkenny – Department of Education

St Bernadette’s Special School is a beacon of hope and learning dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for students with Special Education Needs (SEN).

Recognised for its personalised approach to education, the school caters to a diverse student body, each with unique learning requirements.

The Challenge:

In line with the school’s mission to continually improve its facilities, St Bernadette’s recognisied the need to upgrade their infrastructure to better support their SEN students.

The primary goal was to create a learning environment that was not only functional but conducive to the specialised educational practices required for these students.

The challenge was twofold : enhancing accessibility for wheelchair users and integrating state-of-the-art SEN facilities to support a multi-sensory learning approach.

The Solution:

JDC Building Works stepped in with a solution that was both innovative and practical. Our approach involved the development of a modular unit, specifically designed to address the school’s unique needs.

This unit: a 250m2 SEN Classroom – equipped with a mechanical hoist; this classroom is a marvel of modern engineering, ensuring that all students could access the learning environment with ease.


Multi-Sensory Equipment

This equipment is a game-changer for SEN education, offering a tactile and engaging learning experience tailored to each student’s needs.

Safe Base & Stores

A designated safe area and ample storage solutions were provided to create and orderly and secure environment conducive to learning and development.

Welfare Facilities

Understanding the importance of well-being, we installed top-notch welfare facilities for the comfort and care of the students and staff.

The design incorporated a new steel-framed prefabricated building that included:

  • Various floor finishes
  • Suspended ceiling grid with tiles
  • Internal room fittings
  • Comprehensive mechanical and electrical works
  • Sanitary and drainage installations
  • Erection of fencing
  • Dedicated car parking areas

This approach not only ensured a high quality build but also minimised disruption during the construction phase, allowing the school to operate as usual.

The Result:

The new facilities have not only enhanced the school’s infrastructure but have also provided a significant boost to the morale of students and teachers. 

The advanced features of the SEN classroom have allowed for a more inclusive and engaging educational experience, reflecting our commitment to delivering solutions that make a difference.

Thoughtful design and construction can transform Educational Spaces

We invite you to explore the possibilities with JDC Building Works. Whether it’s modernising educational facilities or embarking on a new construction project, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.

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